Moon Rock Weed

Moon Rock Weed

Moon Rock Weed. Have you ever been so high that you couldn’t feel your eyebrows, even when you physically touch them? If not, try smoking moon rocks and I guarantee you’ll get there. Two months after the first time smoking them, I was still unable to locate my facial features. (Worth it, by the way.)

What are moon rocks?

The origin of moon rocks is a bit fuzzy, but rumors abound that the dispensary Starbudz760 first concocted them, with legendary West Coast rapper Kurupt popularizing the product and trademarking his own version called Kurupt Moonrock. moon rock weed

Moon rocks are a THC megazord: They are cannabis buds dipped in hash oil, then rolled in kief. Historically GSC is used, but any strain will suffice.

Moon rock weed – Weed moon rocks – Moon rocks weed

Moon rocks are nugs of cannabis flower dipped in extracts and rolled in kief. Moon rocks are typically high in THC, averaging more than 50%, and valued foremost for their potency. Moon rocks are also frequently referred to as “cannabis caviar,” although this title is technically reserved for buds dipped in extracts but without the added layer of kief. weed moon rocks

what are cannabis moon rocks

Not only do moon rocks look like something from the lunar landscape, they are also named for the out-of-this-world high you’re likely to get from smoking the concoction of weed dipped in concentrated weed and rolled in even more concentrated weed. moon rocks weed

What Are Moon Rocks? Moon Rock Weed

Moon rocks are nugs of flower that have been dipped or covered in an extract like hash oil or shatter, then rolled in kief, a powder made of the trichomes, terpenes, and cannabinoids that have fallen from flower. 

Why smoke moon rocks? Moon Rock Weed

Moon rocks are often used as a type of “stoner hack.” Typically clocking in at least 50% THC and costing upwards of $30 a gram, these coated nugs are all about bang for your buck. If you need to get extremely high, but don’t want to shell out the potentially hundreds of dollars it would take to buy the flower, concentrate, and kief separately, to the moon you go. moon rocks weeds

How strong are Moon Rocks? 

How strong your Moon Rocks are will ultimately depend on who you purchased them off or who made them. The building block of your Moon Rocks is the cannabis bud. Most cannabis strains average around 20% THC, but some can go as high as 25-30%. 

Most users agree that Moon Rocks are about 50% THC. However, you look at it, taking a hit off Moon Rocks will blow your mind. weed moon rock

How to make Moon Rocks

Moon Rocks aren’t super complicated. With access to a high-quality cannabis dispensary such as Mission Cannabis Club in San Francisco, you’ll be able to get everything you need. As an added bonus, Mission Cannabis Club also offers cannabis delivery, so you can get what you need to be sent straight to your home. 

All you need to create Moon Rocks is the following cannabis supplies: 

.Your favorite strain of cannabis flower/bud. 

.Your favorite type of hash oil or concentrate. 

.Scrap up some kief from your grinder (always save it).

.Some tweezers or small tongs to grab your bud and a liquid dropper. 

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